OSINT Article in PenTest Magazine & Book Update!

Hello to my favourite OSINT & CTI people!

I know it’s not Monday and this isn’t my normal content. But I want to share a couple of exciting developments with you. For this, I guess you can grab any beer in the fridge and fire up any song you like!

Book Update!

Firstly, I’m ecstatic to announce that my book “Cyber Threat Intelligence: The No-Nonsense Guide for CISOs and Security Managers” will be published next year by Apress! I started planning and writing in April this year. Following a suggestion from the wife to try and seek a publisher, I found one willing to work with me on this project!

I’m absolutely delighted that this book will hopefully reach a larger audience than if I self-published. The overarching message, processes and methodologies are easily adoptable by more organisations. The book introduces core concepts and methodologies anyone wishing to build their own in-house intelligence capability can follow. Of course, the concepts will be useful to anyone new to CTI or who may want a refresher on certain aspects too. I can’t wait to share it with you all next year!!

OSINT special PenTest Magazine

I even made it to the front cover!

OSINT Article in PenTest Magazine!

The other update is that I have an article in this month’s PenTest Magazine. The issue is focused on OSINT within Penetration Testing. I’m delighted to be able to share some of my favourite tools for assisting with OSINT work.

I particularly point out some great tools for looking at infrastructure. However, a lot of the tooling is also applicable to performing OSINT on individuals (particularly in the case of Spiderfoot and Maltego). The magazine also features a number of other highly interesting articles. These include:

  • Identifying VIPs attack surface
  • Leveraging OSINT for proactive cyber defence
  • And many more!

If you’re interested in pen-testing or fascinated by OSINT, please consider checking it out! I also hope to talk about other intel subjects in future, so fingers crossed!

I’ll be back as usual with more ramblings/rants/ideas about intel next week. Until then, open a beer and have a great week!




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