Welcome to my blog. My name is Aaron and I'm an experienced intelligence analyst and investigator specialising in cyber threat (CTI) and open-source (OSINT) intelligence, based in London. 

The blog is aimed to share my thoughts and opinions on cybersecurity, OSINT and share my love for all things heavy metal and craft beer. I will share new techniques I'm using to find information online to support the protection of organisations and individuals from cybercriminals. In time I will also be building out the resources section of this site so anyone can harness the power of the internet to enable their cyber intelligence investigations.

As the founder of Perspective Intelligence, I work day in and day out on helping businesses understand the threat from cybercrime and how they can better protect themselves. 

My book, Cyber Threat Intelligence: The No-Nonsense Guide for CISOs and Security Managers, published by Apress is out now. Along with this, I am building out some online training courses for anyone interested in the world of intelligence, and who would like to understand the core concepts and methodologies that all analysts should know and appreciate. In addition to offering bespoke investigation and OSINT services through my company, Perspective Intelligence Ltd.

I hope that you find the content here enjoyable and useful. Please do connect with me on social media, comment or contact me if you want to discuss any of the content, consulting opportunities through Perspective Intelligence, online training, my favourite bands, beers or the mighty Chelsea FC.